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How Do Cancelled Orders Affect Seller

I’ve been a seller since '14. Over the past month I’ve had 3 buyers cancel immediately after they order due to it being a “mistake” or they “changed their mind” before I even had the chance to speak to them. Knowing that this is error on their part and not mine, how does that hurt my future sales? And if it does, how is that fair to me, the buyer?

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Wow! Perfect timing, something similar just happened to me and I was looking for a post addressing this exact issue, I can say that the cancellation does affect negatively, as after my last cancelled I had no orders or enquirers for 5 days.

Yes it affects.It will directly affect to your “Orders Completed” ratio.

I guess I don’t understand how that’s fair to the seller. The orders cancelled on me were due to the buyers errors. (Accident, changed mind, etc)

Well my buyer wanted to cancel, as previously mentioned, I told him to just let me know what he wants me to get done instead and I will deliver that and he can mark it delivered, we did extend the delivery. He did left me a 5 star review.
But unfortunately I think even extending was seen by fiverr’s algorithm as a bad move from my side, so I haven’t had any orders or inquiries for over a week now. I also think this might be due to fiverr showing me offline constantly, for which I have created a different thread.
TLDR: Yeah seems unfair, but don’t think we can do anything about it.