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How do clients communicate with you?

Recently I’ve been pretty active on this forum, since I find interesting the exchange of information between different sellers, countries etc.

However I am curious about how your clients communicate with you. Are they very formal, are they too friendly?
For example I have those clients who would call me: “bro”, “mate”, “champion”, “buddy”, “brother”.

I was curious to know if they do that because they see on my profile that I am young, or they feel comfortable to talk like this with many sellers.

Just curiosity! :slight_smile:

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Most are formal, but I do have some “bro” ones. It can be a bit awkward. I don’t comment on it, though.

Never been called “sir” as a seller, but many, many times as a buyer. I don’t like being called “sir” too much either.


It is all individual for each one. Most of them are pretty formal, while others aren’t that much. Some are careful how they write while others don’t even say “Hi” or anything, but they are like “I need a logo”… I’ve been working so far with many clients, and most of them are nice and polite, some are strict while others were friendly and more open to communicate.


Ohh, and yeah, been few that called me ‘honey’, ‘darling’, ‘sweetie’ etc, but those were mostly women. Had a situation where some customer ordered a logo, and in between the process he wanted to flirt, but I politely cut the line there what is acceptable and what not.