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How do completed orders show up as examples on your gig page?

I’ve done a few gigs, and one shows up as an example that others can review before purchasing, but what is the process that makes this happen. I did one gig I was proud of and would love for it to be a sample. I asked the buyer and he said OK, but I dont know how to have it appear as a sample. Any help is appreciated. MIKE

If Live Portfolio is on for the gig and you delivery in a format it recognizes, it normally displays automatically. It would prevent it from showing up if you deliver in a .zip file or through DropBox, for example. I don’t use Live Portfolio personally since my buyers prefer privacy, so I don’t know if you can have it added after the original delivery. Someone else might know, or you might be able to find the information by searching the help articles on

Been managing portfolio nicely! Just now saw you took the time to answer my question, I certainly appreciate it.