How Do Contextual Backlinks Work?


Since Google introduced the Panda update, the term “Contextual” has become more popular. What does it mean? And why it has become so important?

Contextual linking is known as a method of increasing link popularity through specified websites. Using the Internet, you can come across some really helpful offers, such as:

How do I use a Contextual Backlink?

All of SEO revolves around content. It also revolves around keyword phrases and keywords. Building a link inside appropriate keyword phrases will not only give your website a nice looking backlink, but associate the page you are linking to with those keywords. Simple right?

Do Contextual Backlinks Work Right Away?

Whether you make them yourself or have a contextual backlink service make them for you, you can’t expect for your contextual homepage backlinks to work immediately. This is because before they can have any impact at all on your Google SERPs, they will need to be indexed by the search engine. Sometimes, the process of indexing can take days, weeks or even months depending on how deeply embedded in a website your contextual homepage backlinks are.