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How Do Featured Gigs Work, Exactly?

So… roughly a week ago, my main gig got featured!
Before you start throwing your arms up in celebration, listen to what I’m about to say: it has kind of been hell!

I don’t mind the money, but the amount of “start the countdown first, tell me what I have to do later” that I had to deal with in the last few days has been an enormous source of stress.
I am finally learning to cope with that, but I am left with a few questions that I hope you guys can answer!

Here we go:

  • For how long will my gig keep being featured? Is it an “as long as you perform well” kind of deal or does it eventually run out?

  • What can I and cannot do while my gig is featured? I’m guessing the people at Fiverr wouldn’t take kindly to me, let’s say, completely overhauling the packages that they’re vouching for.

  • Is there anything else that I should keep in mind? I mean, aside from the usual “be a good boy, behave, deliver on time, and remember to smile” stuff.

Aight! I’m going to stop this post here! Thanks in advance to anyone who’s going to take the time to drop a few lines! :smiley:

To any mods: if the thread grows large enough to get a solid FAQ out of it, you’re more than welcome to it!

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@acossidente I was also featured a week ago. Same, my main gig got feature which was working fine and having good traffic before feature but after having feature badge I get less traffic instead of more traffic this what I noticed but I’m happy I got featured.

Second, you must ready to cope with every situation such as spam, order before discussion and other things. You can raise prices If you are having large number of orders and queries.

It will last for a month according to my guess as feature badge is not permanent now it will shuffle time to time.

I hope this message helps you .

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You can raise prices If you are having large number of orders and queries.

I think my prices already are among the highest for non “pro” sellers. I agree with you, though, it does help screening cheap clients and people who don’t really know what they want!

Yep, I was thinking a week at first, but a month sounds a bit more plausible!

Yeah, as per my study or research its a one month push let see .I had discussion with one of the previously featured seller he told me its almost 30 days and after that badge was removed :slight_smile: so its again blessing for us ! Its almost 4 million sellers as per my guess and out of them editor choose us. Its not easy job to impress editors so its a big chance or achievement I would consider for me for all featured seller.

Hoping for best !