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How do Fiverr sellers make a living with transactions that can be only $5?

Here’s what you need to know about $5 scheme on Fiverr; and how can you earn a living from that:

  • $5 is just the base amount, you can sell gig extras too and an order can vary from $5-$1000. The limit depends on upon your Seller Level.

$5 is also an advantage cuz it attracts more buyers, you just need to know what skills to sell and how can you make your gig extras work.

For example:

  • Being a logo designer, it would just take you 6-8 minutes to design a logo and you would get $5 for that. Apart from that, you can list gig extras like get the source/editable file for $15, get the 300dpi HQ logo file for $10. Thus you can make $5-$30 for a 5 minutes work and that’s a very fair amount. Top-rated freelancers do get 50+ orders daily and mostly they sell their 5 minutes for that. They know what to sell for $5 and is still useful for the public.

You can also send custom offers to your clients depending upon their requirements. It may vary from $5-$325 for New Sellers, $5-$1500 for Level 1 seller and no limit for 2nd level seller and Top-rated sellers.

You get $4 in your Fiverr wallet for every $5 service sold (Fiverr fee 20%)

I have read much five success stories that comes through Fiverr weekly emails and their blogs, and would like to tell that people have just not earned a decent lifestyle using Fiverr but have paid their home loans, education loans and have even set up companies making a good sum of money.

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I’ve become a level 2 seller today and I’m looking to become one of those people who can either buy or rent a house with their fiverr income in the future.

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Congratulations !! I’m Glad to Hear That :slight_smile:

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