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How do fiverr work especially for students?

I am currently a senior high student. I am in grade 11 to be exact. I wanted to try fiverr for personal reasons. I could say I have experience in proofreading, making powerpoint presentations, and making infographics. I have experience since I always do these things for my classes. I would like to ask how fiverr works specifically for students that wants to make a gig. When making my profile, I cannot fill in the year I have graduated and more since I am still in senior high. What should I do?


Gather knowledge and work in fiverr

I don’t know how it works either, but is it possible for you to just skip that part and keep it blank??
Or worst case just choose this year and add that you are a high school student in your profile description…but hmmmm, I won’t want you to lie of course.
I believe there are young sellers here who are still in school, I wonder how they handled that.
Maybe ask CS??

Also @amiruix , did you even read what the young lady wrote? :woman_facepalming:


Thank you! I didn’t want to lie too just so I can do gigs. I also tried leaving it blank for now but in order to sell, you have to complete your profile. I’ve read several comments as well that some are young just like me and I was curious on how they completed their profile.

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Can’t really say, I graduated at 16.