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How do Fiverr's Tests affect your profile and Gigs

So I’ve taken quite a number of tests, and I’m still struggling with about three $5 orders per week. I send 10 buyer requests each day and I share my Gigs on social media . What I wanna know right now is how Fiverr’s test affect your profile? I have taken all the tests below and passed them. Kindly help out… I need more orders…

English Basics
English Spelling (US)
English Language
English Spelling (UK)
English For Business
Resume Writing
Book Writing
Virtual Assistant


Here is the introductory topic on "Skill Test"

Completing fiverr’s skill tests will not rank your gigs or give you more impressions or orders logically. What happens is, when a buyer comes on a seller profile, they can see that the seller is verified in their xxx skill and that should give them more confidence to place an order.

That is why Fiverr has mentioned this:

Sellers with verified skills are more likely to receive orders and exposure within Fiverr.

Learn more about the skill test.


Thank you a lot for this


Thank you so much for sharing this information.

How fiverr inform me about my passing in English language test?

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