How do Fiver's Fees work?


Hey all,

New user here so I am still trying to figure out how this all works.

I recently completed a gig and received a tip. I earned $12.00 after Fiverr took their deductions, but this seems odd based on the top amount that says $19.22C and then “Total” below which says $15.00.

Can someone please clarify? Does Fiverr take part of your tips too?

Thank you!


Suggest you check out where you will find all the help you need for new sellers. Yes, they take from your tips as well.


Yes, Fiverr takes 20% of your tip.

I think the problem you’ve got is part of it’s in Candian dollars, and part’s in US dollars - makes it difficult!

I set my currency to US dollars even though I’m in the UK so it’s GBP - it just makes it easier to think in one currency all the time on Fiverr.

Good luck! :sunny:


Fiverr charge 20% commission on every sale you did.


Yes, they do. If they didn’t, lots of sellers would be diverting their real payments into tips.


Thanks for the replies so far.

My confusion comes from the amounts they are taking seem to be much more than 20%?

The one pictured said it is a $19.22 order, but my payout is only $12.

My last order was a total of $76.61 Canadian, and when I go to payment it shows my payout is only $48.00. That is way over 20%, averaging more like 60%.

Does anyone know why it is so high for me?


Thanks, that could be it! Because if it wasn’t it looks like they were taking 60% commission!