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How do I access my credit?

I received a $5 credit with a time limit. I just ordered something and couldn’t figure out how to apply it and thought it would automatically apply to the purchase but it didn’t. Help! Can I still get it applied? If not, how do I apply in the future? Thanks

You can only use credit for a gig equal to or less than the credit. To use $5 credit, you have to buy one $5 gig. If you try to buy a $10 gig (or more) you will be re-directed to pay via your outside payment method.

Fonthaunt is absolutely correct here. If you would like to buy a 5$ gig with your credit then you need to have at least 5$ in your account.

Thanks for the explanation.

Buy a 5$ gig.

Thanks to all for the explanation! They should figure out a way to credit it regardless of purchase amount, but oh well…it’s better than nothing!