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How do I access my delivery?

First time user.

My order has been completed but I can’t find it any where on the site and not Thad been emailed to me. It’s a pro package so it includes originals and social media kits etc. Where do I find this stuff so that I can start to use it?



you have “orders” tab, go there and you’ll find a link to your order and delivery in it

you can also watch videos on fiverr help page for people who is buying on fiverr and how system works.


It’s not there. And the seller hasn’t responded to me.

It’s not in any obvious places like the order tab or delivery tab. Or activity. There’s just the mock up jpeg. It’s not in my inbox or my email.

So if you can se the mock up jpeg that means that you can access you order page, right?

If so and you can see “here is your delivery” in your order page and it shows only jpeg file then that means that your seller just didn’t send you all files that he should’ve in the delivery.

So how do I get them if he’s not responding to me?

Also it does not say “ here’s your delivery”. It’s the same file sent for my approval before it was completed.

can you send a screenshot from your order page delivery?

but please remove your sellers name from it before posting it here

if your order was “completed” then there was a delivery from seller. every delivery has “here is your delivery” message on top of it. if he didn’t send all files that he promised and unresponsive for a couple of days then you can contact fiverr CS and ask them to reach out to your seller or cancel the order as your seller sent incomplete delivery which id fiver violation.

However before doing so please check what final files were included in his gig description.

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I paid for: Pro Package

Fresh Logo Concepts with Social media Kit, transparent and 3d mockup file and Source Vector files

  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Include Source File
  • 2 Initial Concepts Included
  • Include 3D Mockup
  • Printable Resolution File
  • Logo Transparency
  • Vector File
  • Include Social Media Kit

Also only received one initial concept but the mock up was good enough I didn’t want to cause trouble.

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On Fivrr does all that translate into “one jpeg”? Because in previous experiences they’ve been separate files but again I’m new here so maybe I’m assuming too much?

That’s the only file I’ve gotten. What am I doing wrong?

fiverr doesn’t translate anything, fiverr only showing files that your seller delivered.
did you also check your delivery from the desktop?

if it’s indded only jpeg delivered them do this :point_down:


I think you must contact fiverr CS. That is the best way to do. Also I saw screenshot and I think it is fine. He send you image and source file. However please contact customer suuport and tell them about this issue. If still seller not response. Cancel order using resolution center and tell order is not completed. Don’t worry. Your money not waste. It will come to you if order not completed. So contact CS. They will help you as soon as possible
Thank you. Have a great day @karynpietsch

You can use fiverr app or fiverr desktop version for better experience. Hopefully it will help you

karynpietsch, was your problem fixed? I’m a first time user also and I’m having the exact same issue. Did you contact customer service? Did you ever receive the files you ordered? Did you receive money back? I’m anxious about my own order and receiving the proper files I bought, too. Zack