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How do I achieve this service? (And, what is it?)


I have a new book on a major marketing service for indie publishers. It is technically live, but I am “launching” after the Audible/iTunes versions go live. I want to get some marketing out there for it so people at least know it exists. My thoughts were to either refer people to that website, or to my own website that has a sample chapter. I was tempted to contract with some people in here, but some of the posts in here have made me wary. I don’t want to pay some botter to ping my website 500,000 with some zombie bot-net, and I don’t want someone posting a message in 3 mega-facebook groups and considering the job done.

WHAT service from here do I need, and HOW can I make sure I don’t get ripped off?


Without being a smartass or condescending, I can’t help but notice these two lines in your post. Surely your book should contain the answer to your question?
What are you looking for - Awareness? Buyers? Audible/iTunes downloads?
When you decide this then you need to find out your target’s demographics and where you can find those people - where you can connect them with your site/book.
Why should someone buy your book?
As you have written a book on the subject, I assume you are some kind of authority on the subject and have some industry contacts/followers/friends who you could hit up for support. If you are not already an authority then you need to establish yourself as such (or at least the appearance of such) before anything else happens. I would say before publishing, before marketing etc. If you are looking for a $5 service that will net you thousands of sales then I would not bother to be honest, the world of marketing does not work like that.
To have a successful niche book which targets those who publish in niches is something that you need to have a reputation for. Remember, all of those niche publishers will know they can come here and buy traffic or FB posts etc. You need to offer something different and be credible enough to convince them that it works.


Dude, I have a book LISTED on a major marketing service that manages sales for indie publishers!

It is a political commentary book.

It is not on book marketing.

Did you really think I wrote a book on marketing books and had no idea on how to market books???

And if your really thought that, what would be the point of even offering any advice, as the book would be guaranteed to be horrible and would deserve zero sales!

I understand niche marketing. I understand niche authoring. I have understood those concepts since 1983 when I sold my first magazine article.

What I need to know is how to best utilize this Fiverr service, and if it is even feasible to use it. The comments in here by sellers seem to overwhelmingly be that all people offering to steer traffic to your website are pretty much simply scammers who will steer a slew of bots to your site to give the ping count they promise, but you wind up with no real service.

Also, please note, you are the person who said that I was only willing to spend $5. I have not suggested a ground nor ceiling price. I have no idea where you came up with such a number.

Perhaps you could elaborate where you think I said that figure?


Lol, ok that makes more sense!
Trust me, I had a marketing gig here some time back which I stopped offering as I was inundated with requests from people who wanted me to make them millions from a rewrite of PLR book that someone had done for $5. Many people do not believe that you need expertise on a subject to write/publish a book on it. Their budget was always under $20…
This is where the points in my original comment came from so I’m glad you clarified.
I mostly agree with those who say buying traffic is pointless but there are some who do it well. However, that does not mean that it will work for you, your book has a specific audience. I would suggest that you focus your marketing attempts towards bringing people to your site (not driving traffic as they call it) rather than to the marketing service. That way you can see the results of your work and not have them claimed by the marketing service.
As for how to do so, the generic answers of SEO for the site and social media engagement would actually be applicable. Those interested in political commentary books (no real knowledge on the content but my initial thoughts on who your target market would be) will do two things that you can capitalize on. They will search for like minded publications/sites using search engines and they will engage with like minded (and often opposition) people on social media, specifically Twitter but also sites like Quora and other blogs and news sites. Using an account with the name of your book to comment on these and engage could be useful in getting people to check out the book or search for it by name.
Hope this comment is more helpful.