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How do I add a finished piece to my galley?

I’m a pretty new seller, and I was wondering how I would add a piece of art I completed for someone to my gallery, plus the three pieces I already have displayed. I have seen other sellers do it, but I can’t seem to figure out how…

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I’ve only seen this from buyer’s side but when someone delivers the work and buyer gets the write a review screen, there is an option, little check box thingy that you can tick or untick that lets the work to be displayed in the gallery. So if your buyer unticks that box, the work will not get displayed because for whatever reason the buyer didn’t want it to be displayed. Maybe your buyers have done that?

Also under ‘selling’ - ‘gigs’, if you click on the arrow next to your gig, there should be ‘live portfolio’ and I think it should be ticked.


Okay, thanks! That’s probably it, since I have inly got two gigs