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How do i add "featured" to my gig?


I just opened a gig and i would like to promote it as it appears on homepage.

can u tell me how do they do it?

many thanks!


thanks a lot!

I thought there was a possibility to receive only 3 out of 4 $ and “pay” to be featured. i guess i was wrong about that.

thanks anyway.


Hi goku11

Funny I wanted to know the exact same thing as you, so I wrote to customer service. Gigs are only featured if one of the moderators of Fiverr decides to choose them. Apprarently it depends on a number of factors, activities on the site, contribution etc. The bottom line is you can’t get feature by request or a paid system. Hope this helps.



Thanks for that info researchqueen, that’s really helpful!!!


According to me you need something unique a gig that’s never been in fiverr and that should be funny too .


Thx RQ3. been trying to figure that one out for a minute


I gotta try that labour