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How do I add Gig Extras to my gig?

I just stumbled upon this site and as a designer and sign maker it seems like a really cool way to stir up some business. That being said, I just set up my first gig and I can’t find anyplace to add extras to the gig.

I have zero interest in doing custom logo design work (anywhere from 2-5 hours/job) for $5. I had planned on adding the extras in order to make this a feasible source of revenue.

Can anyone tell me how to do this?

As you have joined fiverr, you can not add any extra, first you have to gain some repute here, Please read about levels from here

After getting Level 1 you can get Gig extras, instead of worrying about extras get some 5.0 star feedbacks, you can easily get Level 2 within few weeks if you have such creativity.

So, basically, I’ve got to work for free for a while before I can get paid. Sounds fun…

Nope, you will earn from the beginning when you have a good quality basic gig…

People are making a living out of it… But never start with a negative mind, people notice that… Also you can let people buy 2 or 3 gigs for 1 job… communicate with your buyers!

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Remember how McDonalds started to sell coffee? Exactly: free. Why? Because they wanted to bring in the traffic. So: think like that for the first period of time…

Besides: you can build a portfolio and a pool of satisfied customers that will love your work and wouldn’t mind if you start adding extras. Everyone is used with the extras… just give it some time.

Until then, I can help you by referring some of my clients to you whenever they need a logo. I animate the logos… so, the ones that don’t have one… your way.

What do you think? :slight_smile:

Contact me.