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How do I add Live Portfolio, work samples to my gig?

Steps on how to do the below please:

Sellers, you can post samples of your graphic and video works directly on your Live Portfolio, and you can keep growing your portfolio by adding new samples from the work you deliver. There’s no space limitation, so add as many samples as you’d like.

With each order you deliver, you’ll have the option to select one image to appear in your portfolio. If the order you deliver includes multiple images, you can select only one image for your Live Portfolio.


Hello, it’s too easy :slight_smile:

When you deliver the your gig (order) that time attached one JPG file (680x457px size) as you want showing on your portfolio and other work provide in zip file as you send to client :slight_smile:

then after order completed by client then showing on your gig portfolio.



How can I add them to my gigs?

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in short your recent work is your live portfolio

Can I add my already finished product as live portfolio now.

you can added by Edit your gig, but just only 3 images include the cover page

Yes Right :slight_smile:

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Editing gigs after Receiving level one 4 NEW
Attention please expert seller, I have joined fiverr about 1 years ago. I gave three gigs. Now I am…razzaka

Please explain further i do not understand what you are saying.


Images are fine but does anyone know how to upload Videos to the live Portfolio?

If you offer a gig in which the product delivered is a video, and your client agrees, it will be automatically added to your live portfolio.

If you want to add a gig video, you can do this in the same section where you add images.

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Great thanx… Maybe I could ask for their permission as one of the seller requirements?

If you deliver a video, your buyer should automatically be asked anyway - you don’t need to put it in your requirements as a separate item. :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to remove specific samples from my gig once they are posted, or to prevent individual samples from being posted. As a voice-over artist, I have had a buyer who asked me to deliver our recording un-edited with all mistakes included to save cost and they would do the editing. This was good for us because we probably saved 50%-90% of the time that goes into delivering a High-Quality recording.

But, I would have preferred it not be used as a sample, and it was.



You can’t remove items from your portfolio retrospectively, but you can turn off your portfolio before you deliver an order so that a specific item can’t be added to it, and then turn it back on again. :sunny: