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How do I adjust feedback for seller

I realized their was a language barrier and I want to give seller 4 stars instead of 5.
Not that they did anything wrong its just that people from different country’s speak differently.
I don’t see a place to edit feedback on order??

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To change your feedback, you’d need to ask your seller to initiate from their side as buyers are no longer able to change feedback themselves.

Indeed they do, but if they did their task as promised is it worth taking a star off just to prove a point? I’m in a different country to you, so probably speak differently to the way you do, but I’d be more than offended if you took stars away from my feedback because of it, particularly if I’d not done anything wrong.


They didn’t do anything wrong, but you wish to harm their business by giving them a lower rating? Why? And are you aware that you just made a bunch of sellers who read your post hope that you never order from them?


I’d take a star off you for using their instead of there. Ask your seller if they’re willing to let their profile be damaged by someone who is making a problem where there isn’t any.
If they say no then you can’t.

Edit: note to all buyers - this is an example of why reviews are not infallible when deciding on someone to use. Some people use reviews in extraordinarily inappropriate ways.