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How do I advertise my gigs on Fiverr?


How do I advertise my gigs on Fiverr???


Hello fellow entrepreneur, I wish to help you because I am also trying to get my gig up and running. And the first step to doing that is promoting & achievement of a clientele. I encourage you to target all the social medias as kindly, productivity, and helpful as possible. For example, not only promote your gig but add useful material to your promotion as well. This will intrigue users & and they will feel cared for & provided to & and will be more than happy to stay along to see what else you might have in store.

So, for example as I am creating and designing my gig I am also sharing it on my social medias (i.e. twitter) but I also mention that I will provide a tutorial & and more information how I did it, my experience(s), and what I’ve learned to also help them succeed. Basically, it’s a very, very nice and good situation of win-win. :heart:

I am not sure if this might come in handy to you, but I am sure it might be quite helpful for creating eye-catching, professional, trustworthy designs for your gig presentation! It’s called Canva. ->
It’s super free and has the most amazing design elements I’ve yet seen. You can add free icons, logos, illustrations all to your designs. And you can choose from a variety of documents that you might be looking for such a social media title design, a blog title -seriously they have it all. And I think it’s an incredible tool for businesses, entrepreneurs, and all alike.
If you see my gig, I used Canva to create my presentation.

Now, for promoting I recommend these sites:

  1. Pinterest -very,very good site & a huge amount of users. Great for businesses. I think it also great for Fiverr entrepreneurs because your gig is your business. & you can use Canva to make super appealing pins!

  2. StumbleUpon

  3. Forums (i.e. warrior forum)

I hope this does help you immensely fellow business comrade(s). I wish for you immense success. :heart:


Thanks so much for all your help much appreciated

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