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How do I apply Fiverr Credit


How do I apply the $5 credit to my new order?


you mean, you ordered a gig, it got cancelled then you ordered another gig and you want to apply the $5 to that othe gig from your fiverr wallet?


It’s automatic I was told.

I had a similar experience last month and it was resolved with a quick message to Support

:bulb: Joe


No. I have used Fiverr many times and at times have had a credit of $5 from fiverr, but nowhere does it tell you how to apply it to a new order, and so the credit lapses.


It isn’t automatic as when I am quoted the price I paid but no credit for the $5 in my account.

The site needs to have the $5 credit codified to one can apply the code to the order.


order a gig and when payment comes, it will give you the option of Fiverr Credit as payment option.


Yes the credit is usually issued for 1 month or so. The first purchase you make it will automatically get deducted I believe.

At least that’s what support said.

:bulb: Joe


I believe this credit is only specific gigs not all of them.