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How do i approach my buyer with the price?

so Im new to fiverr and mostly i get to do a gig in average selling of 30$ per page of graphic novel and theyre very happy about it, but through time i get quite a large quantity of orders and i have to admit its costing 1k$ or more because of the quantity.

My question is I’m afraid they might hesitate the offer cause of the price. whats the best way should i approach my customer to compromise with them?

Why would you hesitate to tell them the price if that’s what it would cost? That is not a lot of money to someone who is asking for work that is worth that much. Just tell them what the cost is.

Not everyone is shocked or surprised by that much money when they want that much work. It is to be expected that it will cost that much.

If for example the price per page is $50 and they want 20 pages you can say that the cost per page is $50 so the total price would be $1000.

You can send four separate custom orders for $250 each. And you can say that you will give them a 10% discount on the final custom offer so that will make it only

a discount in the last offer sounds a good idea. thanks for the idea.