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How do i aproach a dispute about a Gig i am Extremely unhappy with?


I have recently purchased a Gig which hasnt been accepted yet. I paid For SEO work on my site and what has been done is very unaceptable.
Firstly i had my doubts when i took the Gig as i created an admin login on my Wordpress backend for the seller and they argued that they needed my login.
After a debate i managed to explain they didnt need my login as they had there own.
Now i have noticed that they have 28 reviews and they are all from the same 3 people within a few hours?
It has now taken 5 days to add 1 plugin, none of which has been optimized, i am having to do this myself, and add extremely short, unreadable descriptions that are now stuck on my pages and look appaling
They have managed to break one of my links at the top of my page which just has writen on it “Page Contents” and looks horrible.
There Gig lists 13 services in the gig and most of these have not been done. The report they have sent me literally has 4 descriptions and that is it.
I really dont want to be horrible but i havnt accepted the Gig yet, i do not want them doing any more work on my site and i am unsure how to dispute this an will this affect my profile on Fiverr?
Any help please?


If you brough the service and what was listed in the GIG is not delivered you can simply open dispute and get the refund.

It will not affect your profile because you are buying.

There are some instances when a part of service is not delivered, that time you can ask for it. However as you have mentioned its terrible and you don’t need the buyer to work anymore then simply open dispute and put a reason :slight_smile:

You will get the money back.


Tell the seller all this and ask to cancel the order. You can use the resolution center to do this. It sounds like he needs to give you a refund due to not fullfiling his gig description.

If he refuses, tell all this to customer support and ask for a cancellation and refund.


He is literally arguing now that he wants to finish it off but i do not want him doing anything else to my site. So if i request a refund and he doesnt oblige, i can then start a dispite and it wont affect me as a buyer?


That is correct…


thanks. Also, as naikoosuhaib has breifly mentiond, there is still time on the gig left.
Does the seller have the right to request to complete the work?
He has had almost 5 days and even if i wanted to let him finish it (which i do not in any way) he wouldnt get it done in time anyway!.
Can he argue that i didnt give him time to finish it?


You can request to cancel at any time you want. Just be sure to describe well why you want to cancel, the reasons you gave us here.

Make sure you say you do not want him to continue as it is ruining your site and making things worse.


Thank you very much for your advice guys :slight_smile: