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How do I ask buyers questions about their buyer requests?

When I see a buyer request that looks like a good fit but is missing information, I don’t see how to ask the buyer a question, I only see the send offer option. How can I just ask a question before offering to do the gig?

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Ask question in offer and put max price. Explain that the actual price will be as per receiving more info.


Thanks for the super fast response, marinapomorac!
If the answer might be a dealbreaker, how do I ask prior to submitting an offer?

There’s no way to do that (even if you do find a way to contact that buyer outside of the offer, you’d be violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service), but you can put a very high price on the offer (high enough that the buyer would be unlikely to automatically accept), ask your question, and mention that the actual price will be considerably lower once you’re able to discuss everything.


Yeah it seemed that contacting buyers wasn’t allowed, I tried just viewing them to see if based on the description I could figure out the answer, but it wasn’t workable, either. Hard as a newbie to get buyer engagement and especially if others offer at the price they wanted to pay, I don’t know that I’ll get a response if I try starting with a high price, but I won’t know till I try, will I? :slight_smile: Thanks, catwriter!

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There is no cure for that. If someone asks for company logo I have no idea what he means behind that, is branding included, full portfolio with options, typography, colors, Pantone pallet etc, so I give my most expensive price. I make sure my offer is unique if possible. But there are so many scams I recently decided I am not going to send offers unless they are over 50-100$.


Good to know, thanks again, my concern is not how much they pay for the work as much as whether what they are looking for is something I can get behind…

Here, text from one of my last offers:

Hi, My name is Marina from Europe (Croatia). I have 14 years of professional experience and I just recently joined Fiverr as a provider of graphic design services. I want to cooperate with you on this but I need more information to give you a proper offer. I can make a sketch as per your drawing and we can start from there. Please check not only mine but every seller’s portfolio before making an order and make sure to contact whoever comes in last selection through inbox since price changes drastically depending on what you require. Kind regards, Marina.


Thanks for sharing the actual message you used, much appreciated!

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@marinapomorac For me it sounds good so :+1:

One of the buyers whose buyer request I responded to with an offer that was higher than they offered just to start a conversation for specifics just got back to me with more information about the gig. I want to take the gig if they are interested in me. I asked the buyer the following question but am asking here too while waiting for a response from the buyer - to offer my service at the original rate they requested do I now need to cancel my previous offer and resubmit for the lower rate that they had initially offered?

I think the reason for that is that a lot of sellers would use the question option to spam the buyer.

You can’t respond to a BR more than once or cancel a BR offer.

humanisocial, thank you! I just wanted to make sure there is nothing else actionable on my end.

I suppose the buyer could message me a request to do the gig directly if they wanted to, as opposed to the general out-to-whichever-seller-responds request.

You’re welcome! Remember the @ otherwise the member isn’t notified.

I doubt the seller would do that because that is technically a breach of the ToS. It can get us suspended.

So unfortunately you can’t really be notified if he’s going to be going out of office.

Do you have periodic work that needs doing? If so you could set up a schedule with the buyer if he’s interested. That way he can tell you if he’ll be OOO when you’d like it done. Or you could set dates when you want to ask him what his OOO status in the future could be. If he knows you want to message him on a certain date and it could result in an order, he may make sure he’s not OOO during that time or he could let you know when to expect him back.

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@marinapomorac I thought you are TRS or level 2 seller due to your consistency in the forum.

Thank you. I will take that as a compliment.

No, I am not that long on Fiverr since I did not need it. My day job covered me nicely until COVID. But I have a long term experience working online, helping others to start their own venture, as well in customer support and communication.

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@marinapomorac that’s nice… keep it up…