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How do I at least get my gig views?

Hey there! New to fiverr. I noticed that my gig is on like page 20 so no one is ever going to see it there. Could anyone point me to a good forum post that shows how to improve your gigs ranking in the fiverr search? I’ve already tweeted it AND put it on FB. 0 views. please help! Oh its a article writing gig to if that makes a difference.


This might help:

The views counter is broken by the way. :slight_smile:

Hi there and welcome!

Don’t worry about views or which page you are on that’s wasting good time you could be using to improve your gig. You get 14 keywords yet only using a handful of them, that’s not good. An image of you isn’t going to help convince me to hire you. There are 3 slots for images per gig, make good use of them.

Your description can be up to 1200 characters and you only have a couple sentences. I am sure you do good work but you haven’t shown me any? I am sure you have a specialty but you haven’t told me what it is? Revisions, rewrites, styles, topics you love to work on and those you won’t - all that good stuff is missing and therefore, I cannot tell if hiring you will be a good move on my part.

Please take a look at my gigs to get an example of how I started making the most of my images. If you want to return the favor, please collect one or two of them, as that helps get traffic as well.

Hope this helps,




I also new and showing my gig on four page. Is there any better option to promote my gig to get first sell.

I actually find when my sales get slow and even when I first started posting here on the message board helped me get views and sales. I usually don’t start any threads just reply to different questions being asked and offer advice. Within a day or so I seem to get a couple of orders. Just a suggestion!

Does fiverr allow users to pay to boost their visibility, like on facebook?

dear as you are new , you have to wait for some time.
fiverr is a great platform for earnings but first you have to make your place and for that you may have to sit idol for some time.

I guess I know how it is done.

Yet another zombie thread back from the dead.

Hello! I’m new here too! Any information is helpful! i have zero views too but still working around how things here work. Hope to find a method that works for me soon!

Hey all, yet another newbie here. I’ve been a buyer here on Fiverr quite a bit but recently I decided to try to sell a couple of services that I am pretty good at. Of course no orders yet and I’ve been scanning the message boards for tips & tricks as well. Hopefully we can all find some success on here and live large (lol). So the best to all of you!

Duplicate what the Level 2 and Top Rated sellers are doing in your category. Offer best price when you first get started until you gain some traction. Best of luck.

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One thing every Newbie should know is that, GIG before RESEARCH is a recipe for failure. Before putting up a gig, You must do your research thoroughly. Ask yourself brutal questions. Be frank with the answers you get, not what you think. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyers. Money isnt something people just give for frèe. Are you deserving of being paid?

The questions are so many I cant begin to enumerate. Nutshell, Fiverr is good starting point, but dont be too carried away with the thought of making money online. You have got to be ready to break your back.


I’m just starting out in fiverr too, some god advice in this thread - zombie or not!

I posted my gigs on Twitter @A_Harare_Man

I just posted my gig yesterday…
I have 11 impressions 17 clicks and 17 views… Yet no order recieved…

Does anyone know which times of the day are best to post gigs? Its my first day on this site, I have posted two gigs, one got 65 impressions pretty quickly, the second I posted has 0 impressions 0 views and everything. But I posted the second at five in the morning here, does that matter?

Time does not matter, as there are buyers all over the world, in every time-zone. Buyers and sellers are on Fiverr at all hours of the day. There is no one time that results in higher sales.


You can find plenty of tips by reading through the topics here on the forum.