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How do I attract attention to my services?

I’m more qualified than most (roughly 90%) people in my line of work here, but my gigs are not attracting any attention. What are some general guidelines and/or tips I should follow to attract clients?

If anyone has any experience in my particular field (English-Spanish translation, or translation in general), I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance to the Fiverr community!

Your two gigs (from the titles) seem too similar and might be classed as duplicate gigs which would be against the rules I think.

Also you translate less words in the Premium packages than you do in the Basic package, usually it’s the other way around (eg. on one gig you translate 800 words in the premium but 1500 words in the basic package) - even though there’s a benefit on the Premium package to getting the translation delivered earlier.

Sending offers in the buyer requests section is one way of attracting attention to the gigs, if you see any requests that are reasonable and that you can do well. I suppose you could also promote them somewhere offsite (without spamming).

Also it might help if you changed the line in your profile that says “Graduated 2020” when that is currently not possible to have done.


I see, haha. Some rookie mistakes there. Thank you for your time.

P.S. About that graduated in 2020, thing, I took it to mean that I’m reporting that my graduation year is in 2020 (otherwise why would the option exist?). I don’t think anyone could really misconstrue that.


Though it says “graduated” (something you have done, in the past) but it’s a future date and has not actually been done (yet). What if someone had “Graduated 2030” in the profile but then didn’t actually graduate?

I can certainly see your point. Though your example is a bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think? At any rate, I think I’ll leave it and clarify to any clients that I will be receiving the M.D. in July, in order to sort out any confusion or misrepresentation. Again, thank you for the advice, and have a nice day!

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  1. You can try to create a social media account linked with your gig,
    For example a facebook page, or an Instagram account, or even a website,
    You showcase a part of your work and link it to your gig,
    So with a little promotion also you would be able to get attention on your gig

  2. Use a video to present your gig,
    Fiverr says that videos are more catchy than images,
    It can be helpful,
    If you want, I can create a gig just for you and make a small video, you can check my minimalist logo gig as reference

  3. Take the tests,
    Tests are great ways to get more impressions and views for your gig, it helps Fiverr know that you are the best choice when it comes to translation, you can take tests for an language of your choice and also a test for proof reading for example :blush:

  4. Optimize your SEO,
    You can “Upgrade SEO” in your gig title under the “Overview” page of your gig, it’s helpful also,

  5. Related tags
    Using 5 tags which falls under a very narrow coverage can stop you from getting views, instead use tags that are broad enough related to your services,
    For example, mine is logo design, my tags would be minimal, logo, design, photoshop and illustrator,
    But instead of that I would use minimal, logo, illustrator, brand and marketing,
    Most of the time logo and design are together, illustrator and photoshop too, so it’s better to use one tag from each and use the free space for other related tags

  6. Engage in the forum,
    Just like you did in posting this topic, you can engage in commenting also,
    Helping others generally end up with them helping you back,
    Also, there are a lot of great topics in the forum, you can make some research about tips and tricks

I hope this helps you :blush:


I’m also a newbie, but your profile says you were last active 16 days ago. Second, if you’re the best of all your competitors here, then why you don’t try for FirePro. :grinning:

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