How do I attract traffic onto my gig? Any useful tips?


I’m just starting out and I want to get working as quickly as possible… Any useful advice on how to speed up the process? :slight_smile:


Hi hellbound666,
Well if you’re just starting you have to look very attractive and difficult to breeze by. What do i mean by that is you pledging to do a job three times lower in price higher level sellers would normally do. As you gain ground you slowly increase your charge rate.


You can follow the below Tips


That is very helpful dude, thank you very much!! :smiley:


I make it a regular practice to send out Buyer’ requests, also you can try posting your Gig on social media too


I’m sending buyer requests everyday. I am a pretty patient person, but I really want to know is it worth the effort to make sales :slight_smile:


You will submit your gig in social media platform. i hope that you will get better result. thanks


Check the “Get Traffic” subcategory in the “Digital Marketing” category. Some sellers offer targeted marketing, which can bring sales. Though not all sellers accept gigs as links to be promoted.

I would also recommend to create social fan pages for your gig and also a blog where you can discuss your services in greater detail. Doing some SEO for the blog would be very beneficial.


Try to send buyer request daily, remain online 24 hour and make more gigs.