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How do I avoid cancelation?

Hi Experienced People,
Hope you all are doing great!
I am a level one seller. I haven’t received any order for the last three months but I got 2 orders back to back. I have completed one with 5 stars but another buyer has cancelled the order after a few hours and he said that he has solved the issue. I did nothing wrong with him and I was able to do the job but sadly my order completion rate went down.
Now I want help with all the experienced people here that- How do I avoid this type of situation?? And How to know this type of buyers? Is there anything that I can do in my favour?
also, How can I get more orders to improve the order completion rate or to keep the level one badge?
Thanks in advance.
Tahira Jannat


Unfortunately, you can’t know in advance that someone is going to place an order with you, then immediately cancel.

We’ve got a customer who placed an order yesterday for the incorrect amount of money for what they needed. We messaged them explaining, and sent a Gig Extra for the missing amount. They ignored the Gig Extra, and instead placed a second, identical value order, which they haven’t submitted any requirements on. I’m 99% sure that the client has no idea what they’re doing or how to use Fiverr, and will likely ask for a cancellation on the second order.

Keep in mind that cancellation rates mean a LOT to us as Sellers, but absolutely nothing to Buyers. Buyers probably see nothing wrong with asking for a cancellation.

If you feel like you’re being asked to cancel an order and it’s really not your fault, you can send the order to Customer Support, and ask them to step in for you and cancel it. This will usually result in the cancellation not counting against your Order Completion rate.


Thanks so much for such great advice. I wish i know that a day before :frowning:

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It’s not too late, you can still contact customer service, if you have proof (join screen capture of chat where buyer says he cancels because he has solved the issue) that the cancellation is not your fault, they will normally refund your rate. :smile:

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It’s better to tell your story to Fiverr Cs they can help you if you are right on this situation I hope it will work for you

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Yes, Absolutely. Somedays ago I had a buyer like that. She placed me an order on my offer which had 3 days delivery. But, after 3 hours of placing order she requested for cancellation and I confirm it. This was caused on my rating. But I was contacted to CS and they game me return my rate.

So, you can contact customer care with that order.

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Okay I will definitely do that. Thanks so much

Thanks so much for this advice

I will do that for sure and thanks so much

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I have gone through a couple of surprise cancellations (Seller bought two orders back to back, then gave 5 starts, and then cancelled!).

You could read about it here. I have put some tips on how to avoid cancellations based on my experience with buyer and also customer support.


I am so sorry. But why they do that. These things mean a lot to us as a seller. :pensive:

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fiverr takes a long time to achieve auccess

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I’m not agreed with you. Fiverr doesn’t take long time to bring success. People makes it long time because of lack in knowledge. Everyone have chance to reach buyer after publishing gig through Buyer Request. All seller need to express him/her why they are best for the job. If client get confident definitely he will place order. It’s my experience.

I knocked Fiverr Support. They reviewed the order and I have got my order completion rating back.
Thanks to all of you to give me such meaningful advice and of course Fiverr support for being so much responsive.
I am happy now :blush: