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How Do I Avoid Scams 50% Flake Rate, I WANT TO BE A CUSTOMER

Obviously no one knows me but I ran into this site and I really like the idea. I cannot stress enough that I want to buy services here particularly computer services and lingual services. I have done several orders. Half are perfectly fine.

The Seller is prompt and provides the service I paid for exactly. I leave 5 Star Feedback and everything is well.

But on the other half the seller is evasive, does not respond to messages and then just marks the order as complete without ever providing services. I file a dispute but it is just rejected out of hand.

How do I avoid this, I am happy to be a paying customer but not if I get scammed out of half my purchases. Thanks

I’m sorry to hear about your experience!

If a buyer does not deliver the work that you agreed upon, you can file a dispute, like you already have. If this does not work, and the seller refuses to work with you or accept the dispute, you have to contact Customer Support here on Fiverr, and they can help you resolve the issue.

Hope this helps and happy buying! :slight_smile:

Also, it is a good idea to consider several sellers, and go for one that has plenty of great reviews and a positive rating.

You need to do a bit more research before hiring sellers. The seller who got 1 star rating from you 7 days ago - no reviews, questionable service and poorly written description. What did you expect?

There are plenty of posts in this forum explaining how to find a professional seller.


Indeed @uxreview - when making an order it’s important to do some vetting of the sellers before placing the order.

Fiverr makes it very easy to find great sellers and identify bad ones. Use the review system to your advantage. Take the time to read some reviews, make sure the seller has provided a consistently high-quality service in the past, and contact the seller before placing an order to have a channel of communication going.

That way you get to know your seller better and identify problems before they arise.

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What a friendly response. Thanks