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How do I begin as aseller on fiverr

Hello there. I am a new comer to Fiverr ready to research and write articles. I have been searching for a place for an online job and I feel like I just found it. I have read most of the seller around saying how they make money. As for me, its a matter of where and how do I start. if you actually do have some idea, just enlighten me I beseech you.

Oh, come on. Don’t be so lazy.

Yeh emmaki is right. If you have to come and ask on a forum what to do and how to start you may as well give up now. This isn’t rocket science.

I just hope you don’t mean it misscrystal. When i wrote this i was as green as a new comer can be. I don’t think there is anyone who star by being a pro, we all do have something to learn. I know it sounds crazy b. Thanks for your concern and effort.