How do I bill/collect reimbursement for supply costs?


Hi, I am relatively new to Fiverr. One of my gigs is cooking, preparing and photographing recipes. I specify that ingredients costs are not factored into the gig prices (I don’t want to purchase $50 in supplies for a $35 photo). And, obviously, I cannot estimate ingredients costs before an order is placed. My question is: How do I go about billing the customer for the ingredients after the order is complete? Thanks!


I would send them a custom order. Once you know what you need, you can look at prices, or use a grocery app to estimate costs. Then send them the custom order before beginning work. I’d also charge for time spent shopping, possibly by adding 15 or 20% to cost of the groceries.


That is what I figured. Would I have that option once they have ordered one of my gig packages? Also, would simply adding a “custom extra” work as well? With that, as I have not received an order on the gig yet and cannot test it, LOL, would I have the option to make them the “offer” after the order is placed/paid for?


Yes but it´s not a good idea to rely on that since they might then decide they don´t like the full cost and want to cancel, and all cancellations count against your “order completion” stat (and thus may also lead to you losing a seller level, you need an Order Completion Rate of at least 90% to maintain it). Better make sure they know what they are ordering before they order. :slight_smile:


I think you should build the cost of shopping and ingredients into your total basic gig price. It’s the only way to know you will be fairly paid.

You need to be paid in advance for all the costs.

The alternative is to have a basic gig that is only for consultations, to get a price for the total cost so you can send them a custom order.

Then once they accept the custom order you send, you can buy the ingredients.


I thought about including cost in the basic price, however, that would put my basic gig in the $50-60 price range competing with others in the $15 price range. Not saying the competition includes ingredients in theirs, but the price would get their foot in the door anyway. Not to mention setting a base rate and then the client (possibly) wanting me to buy $50 worth of ingredients and thereby zeroing out my profit.

A consultation gig sounds like a possibility though :slight_smile: For now, I am instructing in my FAQs and Description how to go about paying for both. Following my responses on here and further research, I have edited it to where there is no mistake that the ingredients are a separate cost, LOL.