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How Do I Block a buyer

I am getting requests from a buyer to create videos that area against Terms of Service… not only that, but they are literally begging me over and over again to do it for a much lower price than what is shown on my gig packages, even after telling them NO.

How can I block this person? :frowning: They are driving me CRAZY!


Check this out:


I have one of those right now too!

“Please charge less, I will be a good consistent buyer.” Ugh!



you can go to buyer’s profile page, and click “Block” . or you can Select a reason and then click “Submit”. if someone asking you to make videos which is against fiverr TOS you can easily add that as reason and prevent getting more messages from them.

help this helps.
thank you

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Yeah… and the question is… why would anyone want a consistent buyer who didn’t pay what your service is worth? Right ?? !! :frowning:

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Right! :joy: :rofl: :laughing: