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How do I bring aged, once active gigs to life?

I went for a vacation and just made it back. My gigs were once very active. Now due to few automatic cancellations (thanks to my vacation), they almost died out :frowning: Can someone tell me how do I bring them back to life. How can I make them active as they once used to be?

Oh. That means when you come back after vocation and you again activate Account Then, Your GIG ranking and traffic lost?? Or, Gigs Deleted?

If this type of issue occurred, You need to contact with fiverr support team, Its very helpful and He Resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Nothing happened with my account. I did not had my vacation mode on. Some cancellations couldn’t be avoided due to vacation. My best selling gigs got suspended. I just activated them again now. I lost the usual traffic and activity in those gigs now.

I too have experienced this issue in the past when I went for vacation. I didn’t receive any new orders nor even new messages from buyers for a week. What actually helped at least in my case was lowering the turnaround time and gig extra costs. I reduced the delivery time from 5 days to 2 days and discounted the gig extras.

I also think if you have a good rating and feedback score then its not too difficult to bounce back. Hope this helps.

One big problem you have is that you did not suspend your gigs or activate Vacation Mode. You barely even kept your rating above 90% which is not good at all. You may even lose one or both levels. It appears that you went on vacation and ignored your customers completely. You could have avoided the cancellations by either setting your delivery times long enough to accommodate vacation or by shutting down your gigs while you were gone. What you did instead makes no sense.

Your second biggest problem is that you offer multiple gigs advertising the exact same thing. Fiverr often removes duplicate gigs and may cancel your account. Your third problem is that you even have at least one bad review for poor English and all you offer is article-writing. Since English is not your native language and you have the other strikes against you, many buyers are likely to lack interest in your work.

It will take quite a few good sales and ratings to help you if it is even possible. If you do lose your levels and/or can’t get good orders you have the option of asking Fiverr to close your account and you could try starting over. There are many sellers here who offer great deals, want to be here, communicate well and try hard daily and even then they have to work hard to keep earning on Fiverr. That doesn’t leave tons of room for those who don’t want it as much.

You should have put them on vacation mode because those cancellations are what hurt your ranking.