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How do I bring traffic to my gigs without having a video?

Hi everyone I’m super new on here… 3 or 4 days in … How do I bring more traffic to my gigs without a using a video??.. I cant upload a video at this time and I know that’s a quick way to bring traffic to my gigs??

Reply to @kjblynx: thanks

I don’t do any marketing outside of this page and get a pretty steady stream of orders. I tried a little bit in the past with little to no results but at the same time I didn’t take it too seriously. I suggest optimizing your gigs the best you can for SEO. Do research and search random keywords in relation to your gig. See which words are in other peoples gigs that are getting orders, and try to structure your title around that, using the keyword that is bringing in the most orders for the particular seller as close to the beginning of your title and at least once mentioned in your description. The right category is important as well. Videos aren’t needed but do help so if you can’t make one, maybe consider hiring a Fiverr user who offers that service to make you a whiteboard animation or something to help rank you better on Fiverr.

Social media is huge these days. It’s something I’ve had to get used to as well. If you don’t already have them, Facebook and LinkedIn are two big outlets used a lot. There’s also Twitter and Google+. I would suggest try getting on there and promote your page as much as possible. Start from your inner circle and expand. If you stay on it every single day, you’ll start to see progress. The biggest mistake I make still is getting behind, or even going a day without some kind of update. Also, check out other online communities to get involved in.

I am pretty new to fiverr as well and am looking to drive more traffic to my gigs. I have been resume writing and transcribing for many years but am new on fiverr so it’s pretty difficult to gain buyers trust.