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How do I buy a gig extra after I ordered a gig?

Hey everyone, does anyone know how I can add a gig extra after I have already ordered the gig. I can’t seem to figure it out…


Never mind. All you have to do is refresh the order page and they should pop up for you to be able to order.


Pls, since I joined this site, I created at least hot 18 gigs and since then people do not buy from me at all, may вє because of my gigs are ησт active

This ιѕ what ιт shows me

Active - 0 Suspended - 0. Preview - 0

Pls do something quicly I am dying

Then I understand that suspended, that means fiverr suspended my gigs due тσ some issue

Now I want you to explain what PREVIEW ιѕ for me

Thanks for your concern

you wil get option on your message of your order page, on that page you can see many option about the extrass

I was deciding on the extras I wanted/needed for a new project, when fiverr sent my 5$ to my paypal account. No idea how to place gigs extra. I owed my last project man 2 extra.

didnt work me does anyone have any tips

The seller is asking to add $5 extra but in options there are only options to add $10 .

How can I add $5 only ?

Thank you in advance.

To add gig extra at the placing of your cursor on the Order Now Button there will a pop out showing gig extra, tick the one(s) you want to add. At ticking of the gig extra you picked, the total sum will show up on the Order Now Button. Click on the Order Now button to proceed and to get that done for you.

OK, I am so lost. I have found a seller that I am happy with. I placed the first order (gig) $5.00. Now I need to add more money (gigs) I am completely frustrated at not understanding how to do this? Please help me!