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How do I buy a gig with Fiverr money?



I want to buy a gig with money I made on Fiverr (still on Fiverr, didn’t withdraw yet) and I’m not sure how. the only options I get are only Paypal or credit card.

is it even possible to pay directly through Fiverr? I barely have any money and withdrawing it will make things worse because of all the fees and I might not be able to buy the gig.



It is possible to pay through Fiverr, as long as you have $5 or more in your balance. Buying gigs can be a smart way to invest your income in your own business to start out. If you’ve accrued $5, you can buy a $5 gig with exactly that amount. If you wanted to buy (for example) a $10 gig, you’d have to ask the seller to give you two custom quotes for $5 each. You would pay for one of those with your Fiverr balance and the other with PayPal or credit card. If you don’t have a full $5 yet, you’ll need to sell another gig to be able to purchase.

You are absolutely right that it isn’t usually worth it to withdraw a small amount. If you wait until you have at least $50, I think that’s enough to cap the PayPal fee at $1. Getting up to that the first times can be tough, but try submitting bids on buyer requests or put up a new gig to help pull some attention to your page. Search for forum for ways to self promote as well.


Thanks for the help!

I do have $8 so far, so fortunately I can afford the gig, However I am not sure how to go about it since, as I said, I’m only seeing paypal and credit card and no Fiverr option.


Did you go through the order process all the way to the point it normally asks for a payment? When I make purchase, it is automatic from there.

The only other thing I can think of is that your funds haven’t actually cleared yet. Has it been 17 days since you completed the gigs to earn the $8?


ok this is embarrassing lol
but yea they haven’t cleared yet apparently. It said it should clear on the 24th so I just assumed it already did and didn’t bother to check.
but is it 14 days or 17?



It’s 14 if the buyer marked it complete/left a review. I said 17 because if a buyer doesn’t mark it complete, there is 3 days wait for it to autocomplete, so by 17 that covers both scenarios. :slight_smile:

No worries, it’s a common confusion at first! You came to the right place for answers. :white_check_mark: