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How do I cancel a booked GIG?

I’ve been in contact with a idiotic seller who reckoned they could do the work I wsnt. After sending them exactly what my requirements are (BEFORE purchasing) and now, a bloody WEEK after purchasing they have come back to me telling me they can’t do it for the price agreed. NUMB NUTS

How do I cancel it?

I’m using my mobile phone for Internet access… not sure if its different than using a computer but I cannot see a way. Help me! Elp me!

Can’t believe the stupid idiotic seller never even read my requirements an just ‘wanted my loney’

Friggin dsmn p**sed off now!!!

Been in contact for s month before whilst savingvmy revenue to pay for the GIG as well… She’s all ‘yeah, yeah, yes …I can definitely do that for you’

Friggin FOOL

Rant over! Haha

Appreciate any help you girls & guys can offer please

Paula xx

Contact Customer Service to cancel the gig.