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How do i cancel an order that wasn't delivered?

Can someone please tell me where the cancel button is located?

If order is not delivered in suggested time. Fiverr will allow seller 24 more hours to deliver it After that you will be able to cancel order.

You can also cancel order now. Go to order page and on bottom you will find “click here to cancel your order mutually” click it and it will send notification to seller that you want to cancel order.

Hope this info will help you.

Go to order page and on bottom you will find “click here to cancel your order mutually” click it .

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How do you request a refund if job is marked as complete but it’s not?

Make sure to click on “Request Modification” and communicate with your seller. If that doesn’t work you can request a cancellation by clicking on “Resolution Center” .

If the job was marked as complete but it wasn’t (either not up to par or not delivered at all) then it seems that you were not a responsive buyer.

Gigs are automatically marked as complete after a minimum of 72 hours from the first delivery (unless a revision is requested, then it’s 72 hours from the delivery after the revision request). If you didn’t ask for revisions before those 72 hours were up, you missed your chance! A seller can’t wait around for feedback on an order and if you waited longer than 3 days to check it out, it seems the project wasn’t that important to you.

You can talk to your seller and say that the order was not up to par and you’d like to cancel. If they refuse (or ignore you), you can give them negative feedback – this will often make sellers very anxious and they will message you to remove the feedback and you can negotiate your order with them at that point.

If that doesn’t work, take it to Customer Support. Submit a ticket with screenshots attached of the order instructions, any relevant communication, and the sub-par delivery. Explain that you attempted to talk with the seller but they were unresponsive/uncooperative and thus you’re seeking help. Do this only after your seller has been unresponsive or uncooperative for a while.

You can only cancel a completed order within 13 days of the order being marked as complete. Once the payment has cleared, you’re out of luck unless you go through Paypal… in which case, you’ll never use Fiverr again.