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How do I cancel my order? Or send a complaint on a seller?

After asking and paying for 2000 UNITED STATES Facebook likes I was given FB likes from Russia…Id like to place a complaint and possibly get my money back. This seller new exactly what I wanted yet he or she still did not comply.

Its just 5 bucks but Ive tried 3 times and Im just irritated at this moment. I don’t want this seller to do this to anyone else.

If the order has not been already marked as complete, you can hit the Request modification button: the order will be active again!

If it’s already completed I’m not sure if you can ask for a mutual cancellation: if you cannot, use Resolution Center on your order page and try to see what happens.

Last resource, if the previous ones didn’t work, is creating a ticket on Customer Support site.

Finally I’d like to provide my little advice: while there is some honest seller for Facebook likes, there are many others using bots and fake accounts; the likes provided by the last ones are detected from Facebook and removed very quickly so… don’t come back to complain if you see your likes vanish :wink:

@mark74 gave you some good advice. And I’d like to add my 2 cents…more of a warning, actually. Doing things to artificially inflate your traffic on sites like Facebook and YouTube is almost always against their terms of use. And that includes buying likes or followers. If you’re lucky, you’ll just see all those likes disappear and be out the money. But you are also risking getting your FB page or YT channel shut down without any warning. These forums are full of sad stories from people who lost their accounts after buying traffic.