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How do i cancel offers sent to buyer requests if buyers do not respond?

hi. Im new here in FIverr, just over a month old. How do I cancel my OFFERS to buyer requests, because sometimes they dont response to my offers. The reason Im asking this is, maybe I can allocate my offers to new buyer requests, and not waste too much time waiting for responses to my previous offers if the buyers will not even reply.

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No idea

Did you find the answer you were looking for ?
I am having the same problem right now :stuck_out_tongue:
If you could let me know how you managed to do it that would be greatly appreciated

I don’t think you can - they either accept your offer or they don’t. I don’t think you can edit or delete it.

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You can´t, is the sad answer. As you probably have noticed, unlike with ‘normal custom offers’ you send people not per BR, you can´t set an expiry date for offers you send to BR.

I´d suggest to put something like ‘This offer is valid for x days/until…’ in the text of your offer, if you want to make halfways sure the buyer won´t come back weeks later to accept your offer, when you already are busy 20/24.

I´d assume that all those offers sellers send that will not get accepted will expire automatically after some period,
but I couldn´t find concrete info on that yet, or if there was I misread it.
Maybe once a buyer does accept one of the offers, the others get automatically deleted so they don´t stay there forever, cluttering up the buyer’s dashboard?
But occasionally a buyer might want to accept several offers, or keep them for future use, so maybe they just sit there until the buyer actively would delete them? I don´t know, anyone?

It´s one of the reasons I rarely reply to BR.


Thank you for your replys ! Its greatly appreciated.

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What will happen if we paused our gig.
Do we still get order on the buyer request .