How do i cancel order/get a refund?


I have a seller who never came through and has asked me to cancel the order. How do I do that plus get my money back? Thanks for your help.


Forgive me…where is the order page?


How do you use the funds from Fiverr credit to purchase another gig?


@ songbirdd85 I had a similar experience when I had to deal with a cancellation from a purchase I made. When I went to purchase another gig, Fiverr automatically used my credits.


Sorry for my delay in responding–I got the flu!!

I just now went to “Shopping”. I see the order that the guy wants me to cancel (he says he couldn’t get to it), but there’s nothing there that says I can Cancel. It says “In Progress”…yet he’s not doing a thing. What do I do now??


Thank you! Finally was able to request a cancellation, and now have to wait on the guy to agree, too. Wow, that wasn’t easy or obvious, so I thank you for your help.


See this then you will never need to cancel.