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How do i change currency in my offers?

I have agreed a price with a UK based client but my currency is in USD! I am also from UK and my currency in the bottom left pull down is in £ sterling but my offers and gigs remain $! how do I change this? I tried converting my gig offer price into USD (for example £5 is currently $6.64 but it wont let me type out the cents!)

any help?


I feel like it adjusts automatically? Maybe check your settings too?
I’ve been working here for a while with clients all over the world, they often ask me my USD price, and then when I send the custom offer it appears for them in £, €, or $ depending on where they are? Right? Haha

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Hi Rachael,

There is a way to get a easy solution. You can use Payoneer service. And you can exchange your currency.

Or you can transfer your money through bank transfer.


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scroll down the bottom of the page.

in the right hand bottom you will see the option to change the currency.

Change it there. you will be able to send the offer in the currency you want.

buyer will be able to see it in the currency they are paying in


i already said its in my currency on the bottom right, but when I go to make my offer it appears in the wrong currency.

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but the rate in my local currency (the one i want) is an obscure amount (with pennies and cents) in the currency it keeps appearing in. how do I change it so I can say to my client “£5” and that’s it?

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wouldn’t that be against fiverr rules? its communicating outside of fiverr.

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If I am right, basic price is always $5 no matter where you live. You can’t change that. Sellers would be happier if we were selling £5 instead of $5 tho lol.


Ah! That would make sense now. Thanks for clarifying.


There is another way. You can say to our client to pay the amount after converting in euro.
Or you convert the amount and you can say to pay him/her that amount in dollar.

Ex: Suppose, 6 dollar = 5 euro. So, you can say to him/her to pay $6 and you say say your currency in an obscure amount, so when you transfer all the amount via bank transfer, you’ll get a full amount.

I hope you understand.


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Thanks it was helpful for me

Its didnot worked , even I tried the same

Just to be sure I get it : As seller, the currency on the platform will always be expressed in USD ($).

So, admitting I live in France and wants to get paid 100€ for the service I provide, I will need so to ask $114.6 on the platform? Am I right ?