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How do i change my credit card?

i need to change the credit card that is used on my account…how do i do that?


If you’re using Paypal you will need to go your account their and change it.

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I want to pay for a service. I can’t find where I need to go to change my credit card.

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Took me a while to figure this out but what you have to do is order a gig. When the payment option comes up select Credit Card. If you already have a credit card saved with them it will show up. Click on the FORGET CARD option to the right. Now you can enter a new credit card. Click remember info and it will be there next time. Hope this helps.


THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I was so upset about this I just sent a support ticket in. Now, thanks to you, I know how to change my credit card on file. I couldn’t understand why they would charge a credit card WITHOUT asking me if that was the one I wanted to use. THANK YOU!!

I’m having the same problem. I need to change my paypal account. This is pretty stupid. Should be easier to add payment methods…

please tell me how to change payment method or remove it ?

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What we do now ?

Fiverr has a very bad UX design of not allowing a user to update their credit card until checkout.

I needed a refund, and because of their poorly designed layout they refunded money back to credit card that is not valid anymore.

This problem can easily go away if you can update your credit card info in the billing section, but nope they want to see if they can get another nickel out of you.

Until my $45 is refunded to the correct bank, I’m not a fan until this basic functionality is added.

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Have you contacted support? The forum is just a place with buyers and sellers just like you.

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Yes, which is why I wrote this post. They refunded a credit card not in use, and there is no way to update to a new credit card unless you make a purchase.

I don’t use PayPal, so their options are extremely limited.

I just wanted to let others know my situation so that they don’t have to go through the headaches of now having to have the correct credit card refunded.

Fiverr can easily fix this by allowing users to update their credit card info in the billing tab, which is non existent.


YOU, are Brilliant!! This info should be more out there. Thank you for posting this. You greatly shortened my search and stress!


It’s so lame Fiverr doesn’t have a place to add a card! Or hasn’t answered this thread! But thank you for answering what they should fix and answer!


I did this, there is no “forget card” button, and when I fill in a new card (below), there is no way to save the card.

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