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How do i change my e-mail address on fiverr?

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the e-mail account i was using to recieve messages from fiverrr , was hacked , and now im locked out , because i cant remember enough verification info to get back in , so i opened up a new e-mail account . i went to my fiverr page to change my password / e-mail address , thinking i could just type in my new info and that would be it , but i had a message saying they were sending a message , to the account im locked out of . how can i change my e-mail address to a new one , if theyre gonna keep sending messages to an old account i cant get into anymore ?


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Hello, You can change or update your email account from setting option. Put your new email address then verify your new email by putting the given confirmation code. You may asked for verify your phone number first before updating your email.
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It is explained here: