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How do i change my fiverr country


I need someone to help me.

I joined Fiverr recently. I am encountering a problem-how to edit the country on my profile page.

I am Nigerian but it is showing United States.

I have tried editing it,but have not been able to get through with it


Contact Fiverr Support…


Click, “Still Can’t Find An Answer”,

Click, “Submit A Request”,


By the way,

Just wanted to give you a heads up on some of the rules which are stated by the TOS. You cannot have your phone number and e-mail displayed on your profile information. Together with this, you are also not allowed to give it out to other people.

It’ll stop you from getting in trouble with the CS.


I think you should submit your request to the Customer Support

and tell them about the problem you are having.

They will help you immediately.



I experienced the same problem…after contacting fiverr support… I overcame this… Best of luck for you too…


I too experienced the same problem. I contacted customer support they changed my country. Fiverr support team is very qualified and fast.