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How do i change my profile name?


Hi everyone,

My name is Phil and I am a new seller on Fiverr.

I would like to change my username on my profile

but can’t seem to find how to do that on the new fiverr?

Could someone please help?

Thank you



You can’t change your username on Fiverr. :frowning:


yes you can’t :frowning:


I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t change my profile name as well.

My profile name was supposed to be Psychedelic Pupil, which has been the name of my projection company for years, but it was too long. I figured “OK, I’ll choose another name once I get everything set up”.


Now I’m Psychedelicpup forever. :stuck_out_tongue:


ok thanks,

guess i’m stuck with it!!!


Not possible dear


This is killing me! Please Fiverr! Let us change our username just one time!


no name changin’ . You dont like your username? guess who’s fault is that?

Buyers will get used to our names, how annoying is it to change your name and then we have no idea who are we talking to , old or new buyer.

So fiverr, please dont do this, this is one of the few things i like about this site.


Reply to @mrspanda: yes it can be change all you have to do is log in click and your

profile name you see a drop-down list click setting in front of u well see you Public Profile Settings look and you rite and side you see a list click and account setting then changer your user name


@jonoynelson OK, go ahead: change your user name, using your directions. Go ahead, because you can change it back again the same way, right?

Then come back here and tell us how you made out. ;))


I wish too that we could change our user name Fiverr…please!


@biancha I half agree with you. It’s not something that you should be able to do. But a lot of people like myself started as buyers and then became sellers. So I would love to change my name to something else.

If I was Fiverr I would make name changing a level 1 perk that you could do once and only once because most people don’t want to change their name until they start seeing success.