How do I change my profile picture?


Hello everybody, I noticed earlier today that when I send a fiverr GIG link to someone, the old ‘‘thumbnail’’ still appears.
I was wondering what I could do about this, I’ve checked online but couldn’t fine anything. I mean, there was a lot of explanations about how to, but I’m not sure if they changed the website or if it’s just a bug. I can’t change my forum profile picture either and would honestly rather have my new logo than this old one at both places.

Thanks for your time and attention, hopefully someone will be able to help me. I wish you an awesome day.

Sincerely yours,


In case you tried to change your pic in the settings, fiverr. com, not forum, don’t but instead go to the pic right on your profile and change it there. If it won’t update on the forum try logging out and back in.




I gotta say I’m kind of confused right now, I’ve been looking on internet which sent me to settings…
Unfortunately, I don’t even have the option to change my picture in settings which means I had to change it from my public profile. @djgodknows I’ve also just tried logging out and back in, can’t see any changes so far…

Is my situation normal or is it some kind of bug like I thought?
I mean, can you guys change your pictures from settings (or did this option got removed from Fiverr?)

**Logo got updated on forum as I posted finally, I still see the old one on top however.
Will try to refresh browser and see what this does, would be glad if the situation was actually THAT simple. :smiley:

Okay, so the forum part is now totally fine. Thanks to both of you, fast answer and to the point as usual.
I will go and check if direct links have switched images as well. :smiley:

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I see the new one in post and on top, if you don´t maybe clear cache’n’cookies.

I had to find another way to change other than in settings (where in theory one can change it), because it sent me to some page of a service fiverr uses against whatever nefarious things as a gatekeeper and which apparently didn´t want me to change my profile pic. I asked fiverr CS, they sent me to the company’s CS, who sent me to fiverr…long story short, I simply changed my pic on the profile directly instead of settings, and it worked, so I gathered it might work for you too. :wink: Yes, confusing.


Yeah, it’s been totally fine since refresh. Got half of the problem fixed now, thanks a lot, sincerely…

However, when I post a link somewhere else (IE : facebook) it still shows the old image.

I guess I would have to change the pictures from ‘‘SETTINGS’’ to switch the link image, right?
However, (a picture is worth a thousand words) :



Hmm. Indeed. I went to look at my own Settings, it´s not there.

So guess, it´s just that now:

Need to update your public profile? Go to My Profile


You checked your link with a different browser, that wouldn´t have your link cached?


I will go right now and clear it and see what happens. Hope this will help, thanks a lot mila. :smiley:



When did you update your profile picture?

It may take 24-48 hours for the update to propagate the system and show on your sharing link.

It is working fine here.

As @miiila stated above it could be a local cache issue.



I just cleared my cache @miiila and I don’t see any switch from my point of view. According to my Fiverr forum post, I switched my profile picture 3 days ago. However, you are seeing the profile link as you should (but I don’t for some reason even after clearing cache) I will try to take this link and put it back on FB and see what happens. (still didn’t change) I’m wondering if this could be FB related somehow (I will try and share a link on another website)

Also, is there any way to center the actual picture (I might’ve missed)? I cannot find this option anywhere…

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The cache problem is now 100% fixed, it is a local problem (I cleared it and still appears on my PC) however on laptop, phone and tablet correct image is being shown. Thanks a lot for the fast answers and solutions.

Would you guys happen to know how to center the profile picture? Last one and I run out of questions :stuck_out_tongue:



Glad to have helped.

As to your final query, that is beyond your control my friend…

I might have misunderstood your question, I was thinking you asked me how to change the picture on the dynamic display of the shared link…


Are you 100% sure that the image you upload is perfectly square?
If yes, then I don´t know. And am too tired to think.

:crescent_moon: Good night. :slight_smile:


I was not referring to the dynamic display of the shared link but the Fiverr profile picture itself.
However, I think @miiila is right on, as usual…It might not be perfectly square as it has been cut off another picture.
I will go ahead and try to make it a perfect square and see what happens, thanks a lot.

And I know the feeling, what time is it where you at? (It’s only 18:05 here)
Good night, sweet dreams Mila… :slight_smile:



It was actually 238 pixels by 237 pixels. Can’t believe the difference for ONE pixel actually.
All my questions have been answered, much appreciated.

Whenever I will see someone with a similar problem and I have time I will guide them through these steps as you just did for me. :smiley:



click here and change profile



Here we are 11 months later.

I’m sure the OP figured it out by now. :pineapple:


Go to your profile pic and hold on your pic it will need another pic which you want to change. After change pic logout your id and then re login .