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How do i change my review as seller that i gave to buyer (2020)?

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I recently completed an order. By mistake i rated my client 3 star, which happen unconsciously. While the review is positive. Now, i want to edit the rating and give 5 star to my client. I found other answers but those are too old to help me.

How can i do it?
Any suggestions to resolve this?

Reviews are designed to stick so I doubt it’ll be possible to remove. Maybe be more careful in the future.

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Yeah Buddy!
Any suggestion of how can edit it?

You can’t do it on your own , the only way is to contact support however that doesn’t mean they will change it , discussing about reviews with support is not really recommended , I suggest that you leave it like it is now , I don’t think it’s really a problem.

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i think this feedback you can’t change if you try to do this you will get a warning

You can ask Fiverr Support.
I have done it once…,

After i got a 1 star review from buyer, i responds the buyer reviews with negative feedback.
Few days later…, i feel not rights to leave a negative response like that and want to change MY OWN review to more positive one.
And Fiverr Staff allowed me to do so.


@arbab_ali Were you able to change the review?