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How do I change my review of a seller?


Hi, I have treated a seller harshly in a review, is there some way of amending my review? She has only just started here so my review may have a real negative impact on her.



Dear Don:

I refer you to this Fiverr Customer Support page:

Good luck,


Contact Customer Support, they will remove your review or ask the seller to open a feedback dispute to change it.


Hello, @donzac: Were you able to get in touch with customer support to get this accomplished? It can take them a day or two to respond.

Please let us know how things turned out. The seller, I promise you, is or will be thrilled!! :slight_smile: :grinning:


Buyers can’t change review until its approved by the seller. You have to raise a request in the Fiverr Customer Support and get it sorted at the earliest as after 30 days buyers can’t change their review.


Yea… it basically ruined her business on fiverr =/
Go on over to customer support and ask for it to be removed is the only way.
However , if it was a really bad experience… just move on. You’ll get bad sellers and they should be removed from this platform like roaches.