How do I change my 'review'?


I gave someone a positive review too soon. At 1st the start was great but then days later - the guy didn’t follow through on the job as promised. How can I change it? I can’t even find where to do this.


Before you consider changing your review to a negative get in touch with your seller and try to work things out with them, there may be a break down in communication or something didn’t work out so well. I’m sure your seller would appreciate you pointing out the mistake and giving them the opportunity to fix things first :slight_smile:


If the order was completed days ago, the remove / replace button disappears, at least for me. Then you can only change it by contacting customer support.


Reply to @adsensewizard: If after that, contact customer support.

Some buyer gave me a negative review and will not respond to my messages when I tried to rectify the situation. Annoying.


I’ve been messaging him asking him to fix and he didn’t. He’s ignoring me. Adsensewizard, that’s exactly what has happened, so I’m frustrated that he got the review and now screwing me. I will contact Customer Service. Thanks everyone!


I am having same problem. How do we contact customer support - I got a stupid automatic response saying I had to create an account when I submitted a support ticket. I have an account already - that is what I’m submitting a support ticket - because the job was a rip-off.


Try this link


How can change the review which has been done already by mistake.