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How do I change my username?


I want to change my username from Everstar19 to Zion Radio. How do I do that?


You cant change it but you can have support close your account and then create a new one. The downside is then you’re pretty much starting from scratch.


Everstar19, perhaps you can start buy removing from sale from your account MY PDF on podcasting:

As the author of this guide, a copy of which you purchased from me, this is a clear breach of my Copyright. Please remove it for sale on receipt of this message and delete any copies in your possession (and you run a Christian radio station)!

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I do apologize for that, i have removed it and deleted the copy you sent me. I was under the misunderstanding that it was an ebook that you had purchased too to resell. I have seen sites on the internet that you can buy ebooks to resell.