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How do I change the Country I'm from on my profile?

It says I’m from Kiribati, and right next to that it says EDIT.

I’m from the USA, so when I click edit, it takes me to the profile edit page where it only allows me to change my picture, my “something about you,” my language and my “promote me.” No where does it let me select the country I am from.

Account Settings only allows me to change my name and email address.

I must be missing something. There is no way this is that hard to figure out. :frowning:

You are missing NO thing.

Fiverr has almost found a happy middle ground with the whole “less is more” concept. As you can see, there was some haste involved.

I guess fiverr determines country based on the IP address while registering. Make sure that you were not using any VPN/Proxy or were in that nation while registering or used a internet service from that nation.

Kiribati looks like a nice place,I say roll with it.

As fiverr takes the IP of your country upon registry, I highly doubt you are in the USA. And no, changing your country in the end is not possible.

Reply to @shore_marketing: You “highly doubt” I’m in the USA??? HILARIOUS! Pretty sure I know exactly where I am – At work. In my office. In SANTA MONICA, CA. 90404. USA.

…you’re right. It’s MUCH more likely that I would waste everyone’s time, including my own to LIE about where I am in some silly forum than for it to be a bug in fiverr’s system. Seriously???


Reply to @aboredrichguy: Clearly. Thanks for not insinuating that I’m a liar. :slight_smile:

Reply to @atechkid: Thank you. :slight_smile: I just spoke with our CTO and he assures me that the issue is not on our end. Haha! I’ve never even HEARD of Kiribati until now and certainly have never been there, unless it’s a secret country hidden within LA!

I’ve contacted fiverr directly, so hopefully they’ll be able to fix it. Guess I owe them a thank-you for the geography lesson.

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Many corporations will use a VPN, which is a virtual point-to-point connection through the use of dedicated connections.

Your CTO may not be aware of the ramifications of using a VPN, or that person simply does not want you to know. Essentially it is a private network, and if you access your company’s network from home by authentication methods then your IP address will be that of the corporation.

In most cases, whom ever ordered/requested the VPN can decide on, country of origin for the IP, or it can be random.

If you are not using a proxy or connecting through a VPN then your IP address will show the country the service provider originates the connection from.

Just so you guys know, the issue was fixed, by fiverr. Guess they realized that just because I’m on the beach, doesn’t mean I’m in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Booya! @shore_marketing. :wink:

Reply to @santamonicajen: Born and raised in SaMo!! Went to SaMo and UCLA!! :slight_smile: I’m guessing you’re over by 3rd street with the 90404? Glad you got it fixed!!

Glad your’s is cleared up…I’m still from Kiribati :stuck_out_tongue:

I was wondering the same thing! Im in Moreno Valley, CA and it also says I’m from Kiribati and couldn’t find how to change that either… Weird. Oh well I guess. Puerile and ignorant for the person to call you a liar btw.

This is a really big issue for me. I came to this Forum to find out how to verify that someone is truly from the US, because with so many US jobs being outsourced, I want to give my gigs only to genuine US Sellers.

I contacted someone who claims to be from the US, but currently living in the UK. “He?” uses a name I’ve never heard applied to a male, and “his” English sounds very much like he comes from a region on the other side of the globe.

I’ve asked repeatedly where “he” is from, and he repeats “US”, but I don’t believe it.

biggeorge2k obviously doesn’t “get it”, when it comes to the importance of accuracy about the origin of a Seller.

Micha Kaufman, Founder and CEO of Fiverr even posted an article online (“The gig economy: A labor force for the future”), which he provides a link to on the Fiverr site.

It suggests that “The Gig Economy” may be the answer to high unemployment.

The only way to ensure your gigs benefit your local economy, is to hire people from there.

I’m so glad that santamonicajen was able to have her location corrected. Since several others posting replies here had similar experiences, perhaps you all use a similar technology provider, as explained by ghostblogger.

I was in Honduras at the time I signed up for Fiverr a year or so ago. Now that I’m back in California I emailed Customer Service about changing the flag to USA. A nice lady named Lisa took care of it for me without any hassle. It took a couple of tries to make the change on my profile and again on the gig listings but it worked. Now if I can only figure out how to add more services to my gigs for additional $5.00s I’ll be a happy camper, or happy fiverr.

I’m reading these posts from 2013 about not being able to change the country of origin. One user above wrote, “… the issue was fixed, by fiverr”. How is that exactly? I’m having the same problem in 2016 and I can’t figure out how to change it. I created my fiverr account while vacation in Thailand. I can’t even find a way to contact customer service about it, as the help ticket requires a job number. This is just a general question about my account. Would someone tell me how to get this fixed?

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The seller told me that he was charging $30 and it came up C$42.

So I have been paying Canadian prices for a while now. Not sure if that is better thinking most likely worse if they are converting my US dollars to Canadian money.

How exactly do I get my country changed to US? Who do I contact?

While there still is no feature to change your country manually - I did find in another post that you can change your phone number in your security settings (phone verification) and if you use a USA number, your profile will be put in the USA.

But that didn’t help me fix my currency setting. That seems to be at the bottom of some pages including the settings page, and it’s hidden by the cookies notice.

I can grab and move the thing that hides my currency settings, maybe try hovering your mouse over it to see if it works for you too, there’s a hand pointer over the region that will open that thing up to a bigger window, and a pull icon when I hover over the right side of the thing.

Same problem for one year here.
It’s a pain in the ass, but you have to:

  • Go to Dashboard
  • Go to the footer section “Support --> [Help & Support]”
  • Go to “Discover More Topics” --> “View all topics”
  • Click “Have more questions? --> Submit a Request”
  • Select “Account issue”, “General Inquiry”, “Change my account location”
  • Put your new country in the details
  • Click “Submit Request”
  • Wait!
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